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3x Bundle - Hidden Camera Detector

3x Bundle - Hidden Camera Detector

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Take It Anywhere, Protect Your Privacy Everywhere


Are you concerned about your privacy when staying in hotels, Airbnbs, or other unfamiliar places? Do you worry that someone may be watching you through hidden cameras or tracking your movements with GPS devices? Protect yourself and your loved ones with the Hidden Camera Detector, the military-grade solution to all your security concerns.

With its advanced RF and GPS tracking detection technology, the Hidden Camera Detector quickly and easily locates any hidden cameras or tracking devices in your vicinity just by walking around the room. Its compact size and easy-to-use interface make it the perfect tool for travelers, business professionals, or anyone looking to ensure their privacy and security.

Don't risk being spied on or tracked without your knowledge. Get the Hidden Camera Detector today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're safe and secure.



How does the Hidden Camera Detection Work?

Simply turn on the hidden camera detector, extend the wand, and walk around with it until it starts beeping. If it beeps loudly and continuously, especially when you have it set to a low sensitivity, it's very likely you're near a hidden camera. You can then use the red light to confirm the presence of a hidden camera. If you see a blinking red dot while using the red light, that's most likely a camera lens!

Turn on the camera search mode. The IR light has 3 settings (long/slow/fast). The special viewfinder built into this detector makes it easier to see the reflections of a camera lens. A camera lens will appear as a bright spot when you look through the viewfinder. The camera detector also has a flashlight for easy camera finding at night!

How does the Radio Waves Detection Work?

Wireless bugs transmit RF (radio frequency) signals such as WiFi signals, GSM cellular signals, etc. The RF Bug Detector picks up these signals, shows greater signal strength on the signal strength indicator as you get closer to the source, and finally alerts you with a sound or vibration. Please turn off electronic devices known to emit RF signals before searching to eliminate any RF interference or signal interference, such as cell phones, radios, WiFi routers, microwave ovens, telephones, etc.

How does GPS Tracking Detection Work?

If you want to detect whether your car has a GPS tracker installed, simply switch to GPS detection mode and scan your car with the detector sensor probe. Because most GPS trackers are magnetic, the detector will make a sound or vibrate (either setting is available) when it detects magnetic fields from a GPS tracker.


Can you turn off the sound?

Yes, this product has both a sound and vibration mode. Switch between both modes with a simple press of a button.

Adjustable Sensitivity Button

Can accurately detect mobile signals and radio waves within 8 meters, and can also detect electronic devices with frequencies between 1Mhz-6.5Ghz. 6 levels of adjustable sensitivity allow it to detect devices that are invisible to your eyes more accurately


Long-lasting Battery

Equipped with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that holds 2.5 hours of charge. With the average sweep taking 10-15 minutes, you can go months without worrying about charging! 


Lightweight and Portable

The hidden devices detector weighs only 0.7 oz, so it won't feel heavy in your hand or pocket. Much lighter than a phone or wallet, it's easy to carry and store in a purse, backpack, suitcase, etc. Perfect for traveling!

Pen-sized. Easily portable and discrete.

Easy to operate.

Simply scan up, down, left, and right. A loud and sustained beeping (or vibration on vibration mode) indicates the presence of a hidden camera. Turning on the red light can then help spot the camera lens.