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Hidden Camera Detector (Military Grade, with built-in RF and GPS Tracking Detection)

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Don't Fall Victim to an Invasion Of Privacy with the Ultimate Hidden Camera Detector by The 8th Street! Detect ANY Hidden Camera & Feel At Ease While Staying in Airbnb's, Hotels, Changing Rooms, and Even Your Own Home.

  • How It Works

Simply turn on the hidden camera detector,extend the wand, and walk around with it until it starts beeping. If it beeps loudly and continuously, especially when you have it set to a low sensitivity, it's very likely you're near a hidden camera. You can then use the red light to confirm the presence of a hidden camera.

If you see a blinking red dot while using the viewfinder, you've spotted a camera lens!

  • Shipping Policy

Once you place an order, we immediately begin processing and packing your order. Please allow 5-7 business days for US orders and 10 business days for international delivery.

  • Return Policy

12,500+ customers have trusted our Hidden Camera Detector and we're confident you will too!

In the event you don't, we are offering the easiest return and refund policy. Return your product within 30 days, no questions asked, for a FULL refund

    12,500+ Satisfied Customers

Does This Sound Familiar?

Picture this: you've just checked into a hotel room, trusting it to be your private sanctuary, only to find a hidden camera peering at you from the corner. 

Imagine unknowingly renting an Airbnb with covert cameras that capture your every move. Or having your most vulnerable moments exposed through hidden cams in changing rooms or public restrooms. 

We live in a world where the fear of being recorded without consent, being stalked, or blackmailed is constant. But now you can stay one step ahead! 

Here's How To Stop Feeling Vulnerable

If you have ever worried about being secretly watched through hidden cameras and losing that essential sense of security, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

The ultimate hidden camera detector is here to take all the fuss and guesswork out of uncovering ALL hidden cameras, and help you feel safe again.

So all you need to do is - Press, Search, Relax!

Careful! They Can Be Anywhere

Hidden Cameras, also known as Spy Cameras, can be discretely placed in any environment. Some are so small they can't be detected by the naked eye. They violate your personal space without you even knowing, exposing your private moments and opening you up to blackmail, fraud, or worse.

That's why The 8th Street is providing you the ultimate safeguard to protect your personal space and give you complete peace of mind.

Don't Be the Next Victim

In a survey of 2,000 Airbnb guests, 1,400 said they were worried about hidden cameras in their rental. 

Hidden Cameras are far more common than you think. The New York Times, Washington Post, and BBC have all covered the problem extensively - any hotel, Airbnb, or restroom could have spy cameras installed without your knowledge.

Don't Take it From Us - See What Some of our Customers Are Saying!

We randomly surveyed 100 of our customers to analyze their experience with our hidden camera detector

strongly recommended the use of hidden camera detectors to protect personal privacy

always scan their surroundings for potential hidden cameras when staying at a hotel or airbnb

have successfully detected at least one hidden camera during the course of owning a hidden camera detector!

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Every Week, Another Story in the News...

Tourist Says He Found Hidden Cameras in Miami Airbnb

''Max Vest arrived at the two-bedroom apartment he was renting.... he found the two devices plugged into outlets, one under a large mirror and another under an air freshener Police later confirmed they were hidden cameras. "

1,600 were secretly filmed in Hotel rooms in South Korea

''Two men have been arrested and another pair investigated in connection with the very recent scandal in Soiuth Korea. So many hidden cameras were found inside digital TV boxes, wall sockets and hairdryer holders.''

Man charged with installing spy camera in Starbucks bathroom

''Officers responded to the Starbucks at 1815 Hillsdale Ave. after someone called and informed the police that a camera was found inside a thick opened pipe in the toilet. Officers immediately recovered and removed the cameras. ''

Airbnb host arrested for capturing videos of over 2,000 tourists

"Jay Allee was originally arrested on November, 2021, after a guest at his rental of San Antonio contacted the authorities about a camera which was disguised as a power adapter. Local Police confirmed it was a camera. ''

We Have Updated Our Features

✔️Elevate Your Security

Our spy camera detector features a handy adjustable sensitivity button, allowing you to fine-tune your security to perfection.

 ✔️ Long-Lasting Battery

The exceptional battery life means that you can rely on our camera detector's protection for up to 30 days on a single charge

 ✔️ User-Friendly Design

You don't need a degree from MIT to operate our spy cam detector. The intuitive and easy-to-operate interface is ideal for everyone.

Why Choose Our Hidden Camera Detector ?

  • Ensure Privacy in Any Accommodation

  • Protect You and Your Family from Creeps, Thieves, and Other Bad Actors

  • Stay in Control of Personal Moments and Conversations

  • Safely Use Public Restrooms, Changing Rooms, and Shared Spaces

  • Safeguard Valuables from Prying Eyes

  • Conduct Meetings Without Risk of Eavesdropping

    or Corporate Espionage

  • Compromised Safety and Privacy

  • Loss of Control of Personal Information

  • Exposure to Blackmail, Fraud, Theft, etc.

  • Unwanted Video Recordings of Private Moments

  • Inability to Safeguard Business Information from Compromise

Questions? We’ve Got You Covered

What Objects Can the Hidden Camera Detector Detect?

It can detect ANY hidden cameras near you as well as GPS trackers planted in your vehicle or on your person

Does This Device Really Work?

Of course! It can accurately detect mobile signals and radio waves within 8 meters and can also detect electronic devices with frequencies between 1Mhz-6.5Ghz. It has 6 levels of adjustable sensitivity that allow it to detect devices that are invisible to your eyes, easily and accurately.

Can I Turn Off the Sound?

Yes, this product has both a sound and vibration mode. Switch between both modes with a simple press of a button.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

Equipped with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery the detector holds more than 2.5 hours of charge. With the average sweep taking 10-15 minutes, you can go months without worrying about charging! A lightweight, USB charger is included in every purchase, feel free to take it with you!

Does the Hidden Camera Detector Come with a Warranty? 

Of course. Each Hidden Camera Detector comes with a 1 Year Warranty. If the device malfunctions or stops working for any reason, just contact us and we'll ship out a replacement!

Express Delivery

Fast Delivery with Tracking to Anywhere in the World

Get your device in-hand by your next major trip AND know where your order is at all times with live tracking

Quality Assurance

12,500+ Satisfied Customers

We are so confident that our product will meet and exceed your highest expectations that we back our portable hidden camera detection device with an extended 365-day warranty.  

Easy Return

30-Day, No-hassle Return

Your trust is our top priority. That is why we offer a no-questions-asked, hassle-free 30-day Money-back guarantee. And that's a promise.   

Dedicated Support

Qualified support team to assist 24/7

Our dedicated support team is always ready to answer any questions, address your concerns, and walk you through the whole process of ordering, setting up, and using your hidden camera detector. 

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